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We create
corporate identity
and prepare marketing materials

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Consideration of all your requirements
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Unique design customised for your target audience

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We'll be happy to do the following for you:

Create a logo - the key component of your corporate image
Design corporate identity - a set of visual elements communicating the same concept
Develop a brand bible - a guide to using the company's corporate identity
Develop brand guidelines - a set of standards and instructions on how to apply elements of the corporate identity and place them on various media
Create design for business cards, business documentation, booklets, brochures, envelopes, business diaries, calendars, promotional merchandise, clothes, corporate cars, etc.

Place an order to design corporate identity - it will let your company stand out from the competition and create an attractive and recognizable image for the target audience.

We'll be happy to do the following for you:

Name development - making a memorable name for you company, product or service.
Copywriting services - writing sales copies, informational and SEO-optimized texts.
Creating a slogan - a motto embodying the company image or promoting it, which can communicates the message in a concise, powerful and figurative way.

Leave your query and get the result which will hit your business targets.

We can create animation, videos, cartoons, interactive presentations and postcards.
We are prepared to perform a complete range of services from writing a script to promoting the video on Youtube and in the social media.
We can prepare additional marketing materials for your videos, e.g. covers and screenshots.
We can create animation and videos - that's both a hobby and a job for us.

Place an order for a video and get bang on target.


  • Client's brief and initial analysis

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    Task analysis

    Researching the competitors and market leaders

    Systematising the information received

    Researching target audience's consumer preferences and choices

  • Setting targets

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    Meeting the client's requirements

    Determining benchmarks and the scope of work

    Formulating and elaborating the competitive advantage

    Coming up with a few concepts

  • Creating a visual result

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    Designing a sketch for each concept

    Elaborating details: the colour scheme, format, and content

    Working with details and emphasis]

    Delivering the result to the client

  • Finalising

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    Selecting a preferable variant

    Finalising it to meet the client's preferences

    Approving the final result

    Drafting documentation

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